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Here Is What We Provide


Masterclasses are open to students and community members. There are 4 components: Gospel Choir, Praise Team, Praise Dance, and Step Team. SUNY Plattsburgh students can take up to 3 credits of Gospel Choir per semester. Regular rehearsals occur every Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters unless otherwise noted.

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Collaborations include workshops, seminars, consultations, choral accompaniments, and singing backup. We've had the honor of working with some amazing musicians and artists over the years, including Sheila-Raye Charles, Lyle Lovett, and Daisy Jopling. We've also had the privilege of learning from truly talented choral directors, such as Dr. Anthony Leach, Dr. Raymond Wise, Stanley Spottswood, and Jennifer Moore.

Soulfest Christmas 2016_Daisy Jopling and Bobbie Criss_edited.jpg


The choir hosts 4 major concerts: GospelFest, Soulful Christmas, Common Roots, and Adirondack High School Honors Festival. There are also numerous appearances and other concerts throughout the year on- and off-campus.

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